Passion for La Riviere Blue

La Riviere is a flavour, a style and a pleasure combined in a tin. It may sound plain but it seeks the sublime: the best raw material, simple yet intense, flavoured just enough to enhance its natural charms

This is why it inspires great passion. It is delightful in the mouth with an intense maritime explosion and smooth flesh. It is a small guilty bite that condenses all the forces and intensity of the Atlantic Ocean. This forbidden essence with all things good and exquisite is reserved for the connoisseur and the gourmet. Brought in from platforms and estuaries according to the bequest of tradition to conquer those seeking the perfect pleasure of the sea.

So much sashimi, so much ceviche and tartare, so much tataki… Bring on the clams, the razor shells, the cockles and the mussels by La Riviere, bringing its Blue Passion to the traditional bars and gastrobars, to the street-food stalls and the food trucks, to the gourmet markets and to your pantry! To captivate your guests, to use in your most sophisticated recipes, to eat with chopsticks or on a bed of potato chips, the perfect accompaniment for your craft beer or vermouth, for you to seek out impossible pairings, to skip a Sunday lunch, to give yourself a treat.


Pickled mussels, the Spanish aperitif par excellence, at their tastiest.


Our mussels are produced in the platforms on Isla de Arosa and harvested at the optimal moment. Based on traditional recipes, we add a mild and local pickle that enhances the flavour of the mussel from the Rías Baixas.


Cockles, small and humble, are the best kept secret among aperitif and bar foodies in Spain.


Our cockles, always alive and fresh, come from the exceptional sands of Ría de Noya, where they are collected at low tide by our shellfish gatherers, guaranteeing their fine flavour, texture and extremely high quality.


The Galician white clam, queen of the shellfish, with its fine, white flesh, delicate flavour and supreme texture.


The white clam from the Galician Rías stands out for its exceptionally tender meat. They are collected in Carril and Aguiño, when they are the perfect size and texture to be relished, and preserved with seawater and a hint of lemon.


Razor clams from Aguiño and Cambados, the seafish gatherer’s trophy, as hard to find as they are delicious.

Razor Clams

The razor clams from the Rías Gallegas are remarkable for their exquisitely tender meat and mild flavour. They are collected by divers in a process that is both arduous and dependent on the sea conditions, rendering them one of the most wanted pieces.