La Riviere: Tradition and Savoir Faire


On Isla de Arosa the story goes that at the start of the 19th century a French merchant at the helm of the Capitan LaRiviere docked there for repairs after a storm. But what he discovered was far more valuable than the rum he was transporting from the Caribbean: the estuaries of Arosa and Noya offered up the best shellfish he had ever tasted, and the local women knew exactly how to select, prepare and preserve it. Each tin held a small and select treasure.
LaRiviere quickly settled in the area, where his descendants have upheld his savoir faire and gourmet palate applied to tradition.
Conservas la Riviere are tinned preserves traditionally produced and crafted from start to finish. Farmed on our platforms, fought for at our fish markets or handpicked by our shellfish gatherers, every single piece undergoes a painstaking process of selection before being cleaned, prepared and placed, by hand one by one, in our tins. Traditional pickles and Agua Mareira seawater add the finishing touches to make a perfect product.